Monday, February 20, 2012

Scott and Tesha's Wedding

We were blessed to travel to Washington, D.C. in December for a quick weekend trip to see an amazing couple be married.

Scott and Laitesha met in Salt Lake City last summer and became engaged in the fall. Tesha is from D.C. so we got to go see them get married... this beautiful temple.

It was a lot of fun to meet her family. Here are two of her brothers.

Both sides of the family together.

We are so impressed with Tesha and the kind of woman she is. She's been raised by goodly parents for sure.

Along with all of my siblings and parents, my Grandpa Austin and Grandpa Lamb and his wife Maybeth also crossed the country to be there on their special day.

Tesha is the first of her siblings to be married so it was a fun day for their family for sure.

I love being with my family and am so glad all 8 of us could be together with our spouses there. Scott's the 5th child to get married, so we only have one to go! (ahem)

This is everyone on Scott's side minus Sophie, Avery, Austin, and Gabe who were all staying with their other grandparents for the weekend. (Thanks again, Bob!)

What a lucky boy!

Here was the official wedding party of bridesmaids and groomsmen. It was COLD that day so we all threw off our coats for a second to snap a picture and then quickly put them back on again. I don't know how Tesha stayed warm without ever wearing a coat; she says her love was keeping her warm.

They did a ring ceremony before the reception began for the family and friends who weren't at the temple.

They did so much work to make the reception delightful with beautiful decorations and delicious food and great music. It was a lot of fun. Our favorite part was the dancing down the aisle, especially when Scott pretended to be Latin Buzz Lightyear around his Jessie.

But first was the serious first dance of the wedding couple.

And then they danced with parents...

Let me tell you, Tesha's family and friends know how to cut a rug!

The three grandbabies William, Nona, and AJ.

They had a cool cupcake tower for their cake (and the cupcakes were so delicious!) with a cake on top to cut.

Will they be naughty or nice?

Tesha was naughty...

but Scott the gentleman was nice. Good job, Scott!

Tesha helping Scott clean up after she smashed the cake in his face.

That night we had a wedding dinner at their chapel where we roasted and toasted them while enjoying delicious catered Cafe Rio.

As per family custom Joseph and I were asked to write the couple a song, and since it was December I decided to rewrite Jingle Bells to be Wedding Bells. We had all the rest of my family as back up singers and jinglers.

At the very end of the song we sang "Maybe instead of Jingle Bells there'll be a lullaby next year!" and then we all winked. I love that whoever took this shot got all of us winking. I don't know if Scott and Tesha thought it was funny but we sure did. We love you two! Thanks for getting married and inviting us! We had a blast.

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Annie O. said...

Love it! Looks like so much fun. And I love your shirt in the last picture.