Friday, March 02, 2012

Seeing D.C.

One of the perks of getting to go to Washington, D.C. for Scott and Tesha's wedding was getting to see some sites in our nation's capitol. I'd been there before but it was a first for Joseph (and William too, of course.)
We only had a few hours to drive to the Mall to see some of the monuments there and it was really cold, but we still had a great time taking it all in.

I am a US history junkie and especially love Abraham Lincoln and Civil War history, so our first stop was the Lincoln Memorial.

I memorized the Gettysburg Address with my 5th graders when I taught school, and though I can't still quote every single word from memory, I loved reciting it there in front of the man himself.

We saw a lot of places from the warmth of our car but we had to get out to see the Capitol Building.

Grandpa Lamb and Maybeth came with us to see the sites and we're so glad we got to spend this time with them.

We also met up with more of my family at the Capitol and were able to take a tour of it! I was sad, though, that Joseph didn't get to go on it since he'd never been here before, but he was a good sport about it and was just glad to get out of the car and crazy traffic he had to navigate all day. We had a great whirlwind sightseeing tour and were glad to get to be there.

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Jessica said...

i went to d.c. for the first time a few years ago when i was pregnant with jane and LOVED it. it's one of my favorite places i've ever been. what an awesome city for a wedding! :)