Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Fun with Cousins at Jungle Jims

We just don't get to see our Jensen cousins often enough, so it was perfect that all of them were in Utah at the same time after Christmas. It was Clarissa's birthday and she wanted to go to Jungle Jim's for it, so most of us met up there for a day of riding little carnival rides and eating pizza. (My girls are especially lucky to have so many girl cousins their same age on this side!)

William liked the little bouncy area, especially when he could be alone in it and not get bounced all over by big kids.

The girls rode ride after ride together, like the planes...

...and the safari Jeep ride,

and the Amazon roller coaster,

and the spinning cups,

and the swings,

and the bumper cars.

I'd say the roller coaster was the favorite of the day though, especially because it went forwards and backwards!

Their favorite part was riding it with their cousins like Jensen and Sadie. They'd finish a ride and all sprint to the back of the line to go again and again.

My favorite part of the day was watching the adults try to squeeze into the little tiny rides with their little kids. Looks comfy, Shelly!

"What do you mean this ride isn't for 6' 5" men?" I love how far Willis's legs stick out!

Will's favorite part of the day was riding the swings. It wasn't a very busy day so the girl let Will stay on the swings over and over. He probably rode them 8 or 9 times in a row.

Eventually, though, skipping his nap caught up with him and I saw his head start to nod and his eyes begin to droop. He was completely out within seconds, and didn't even wake up when the ride started again! It was hilarious! I got a video of it too and I think I'm laughing hysterically throughout the entire 2 minutes of it.

We had so much fun with you all! Thanks for the great time! We love you!

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m said...

Fun place, indeed! Oh, I loved the picture of Will asleep on the swings, and of the adults in the kiddie cars!