Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A TRAX Adventure

While we were at the Jensen's we went with Grandma Bob on an adventure on the TRAX train. We left Will asleep at home with Grandpa but the girls had a blast riding the train.

Our destination was the Grand America Hotel and its lavishness. We warmed up from the cold at this large fireplace.

The hotel had a really cool gift shop with a dressing room that had mirrors that Sophie thought were so awesome. Here are the 4 Sophies.

We met up with the Drysdales to do a fun scavenger hunt through the hotel. Each person got an answer card and a map and we had to find these windows all throughout the hotel hallways and find the star in each picture. At the end we got a cookie for completing it.

We passed this real life gingerbread house along the way. Every single thing on it is edible. If only we could've tested that claim for ourselves.

The hunt ended at this beautiful tree in the courtyard.

What a gorgeous hotel, and even prettier at Christmastime.

We had such a fun outing on Christmas Eve and are glad for the time we got to spend with such fun cousins, too.


Jessica said...

a scavenger hunt sounds like such a fun idea! and that gingerbread house looked awesome. it looks like you guys had a really good christmas. :)

m said...

No question where Joseph gets his creative genes from. What fun! :^)