Friday, March 02, 2012

A Taste of Winter

This is how our winter began in Southern California this year. It wasn't too wintery looking, but the girls donned their Christmas dresses anyway to go to church.

We love Christmas around here!

We had fun setting up our Christmas decorations at home.

I thought for sure Will wouldn't be able to stay away from the tree but he actually did a great job! His favorite thing to do each morning when he woke up was crawl out to the tree and point out the pictures of Sophie and Avery in their ornaments. He rarely pulled them off the tree but he sure stared at them a lot.

We only got to enjoy our Christmas decorations for a little while because we were off to Utah for a few weeks for the holidays.

The girls met up with Austin and Gabe in Utah to play in their first snow of the year. They barely got the chance because it didn't hardly snow at all while we were there, but they made the most of what little they got.

Avery's such a goof, and she doesn't even know it.

This is when they were still being nice to me.

That changed really fast, though. They couldn't wait to make snowballs to pitch at me. I love this wind-up shot.

And then they let it fly! I love this shot of these three with the snow raining down on them.


The Lambs said...

Those are fun pics! I'm going to pirate them!!

Jessica said...

i LOVE the girls' christmas dresses! they are so pretty. (the girls AND the dresses) :) looks like you had a fun christmas.