Friday, March 16, 2012

Open House for Scott and Tesha

It's good to see that these two newlyweds survived their first few weeks of mawwage and are still very much in love.

I love Tesha's ring! Good job you two!

The girls loved getting to finally meet their Aunt Tesha after Christmas and had fun getting to know her. They were shy at first but it didn't take long for them to warm right up to her. She loves everyone, though, so it's not hard to love her back. Plus she was really sweet to Sophie and Avery and they adore her now.

While they were in Utah we threw an open house for them at my parent's church building. I have to say I like winter-themed weddings.

The girls loved helping them open a few of the many presents they received after the open house.

Mom made all the food and it was very tasty.

Here are the happy parents of the groom, greeting their guests.

And here are the guests of honor themselves. Tesha was gorgeous in her purple gown. And if you know Scott well you know he's hard pressed to ever take a serious picture.

Joseph's parents came to give their good wishes to the couple. Now you know where Will gets his good looks from.

Cousin Jessie could've held AJ all night...

...but she had to compete for him with her mama, Stacy.

We had so much family come support us this night, especially my mom's side.

What a good lookin' kid! See, red hair does run in the family! I didn't just make that up!

Grandpa Austin with his three living sons and a few of their kids.

Will was so done by halfway through the night but he was a trooper. The kids mainly just played up on the stage behind the curtain to keep from getting too bored. (sigh) There weren't any other kids there to play with so it was kind of a long night for them.

It was a fun night, though, and we're glad we just happened to be in Utah so we could be there for it.

Sophie and Avery's favorite newest aunt.

And their favorite Uncle Scott.

We love you, Scott and Tesha! Happy Wedding!

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Two beautiful winter princesses with the king and queen of the day!!