Friday, January 16, 2009

Family Pictures

(This is the last of the Christmas posts, I promise! :D  Just had too much catching up to do.)

While we were in Utah we took family pictures with both sides of the family.  The Jensen family was all together for the first time in like 5 years, so we took a professional picture with all of them that we haven't gotten back yet, but with my family we just took a semi-spontaneous one in my parent's living room.  The girls thankfully cooperated nicely for both and I think they turned out well.
The picture with our own little family still didn't turn out the best, but that's okay.  Maybe if we just photoshopped Avery's mouth closed?


Carrie said...

What a cute family! Your sister has really become gorgeous! Not fair that there are so many good looking people in one family!

m said...

Too much Christmas?? No way! Keep bringing it on! And I LOVE Avery's mouth open; how typical of that chatty baby! I also think you guys did a great job of capturing the moments at the bowling alley. Too bad you didn't ever get Scott rolling the ball out of his arm...