Friday, January 09, 2009

We ROCKED this Christmas!

Literally.  The inner rockstar in us all was brought out on Christmas Day when my Mom made my Dad's dream of being the lead guitarist in a rock band come true with this gift of Guitar Hero.
My brother Jonny, who's already very good at the drums, had bought himself Rock Band and the drumset to go with that, so we had a total of two guitars and one drum to play on and they definitely got used.  My Dad, it turns out, is quite the bass guitarist!  And even Sophie and Austin were some pretty hard core drummers on the freestyle setting!
Sophie and Austin both got scooters from their Lamb grandparents which they were so excited about.  Now when we go to the park and Sophie sees all the kids riding bikes and scooters, she can join in the fun!  (I realized too late that I didn't take any pictures of our Christmas evening with Joseph's family. Sad!  But needless to say, we were spoiled by all and appreciate all the fun things we got!)
My brother Geoff, quite an adventurous chef, decided he wanted to make a Buche de Noel (a traditional French yule log cake) for our Christmas dinner.  He enlisted my help with the decorating of it, and I think it turned out pretty well (considering neither one of us really knew what we were doing).
It was especially impressive for him to do this since he's never even made a cake before in his life!  I am kicking myself that I didn't snap a picture of the end where you see the sponge cake rolled so nicely with yummy mousse in alternating dark and light browns.  It was beautiful and we had a lot of fun making it look like a real log dusted with snow and adorned with holly berries and leaves.


Jeanne Lawyer said...

That almost looks too pretty to eat. You guys did a great job. You are turning into quite the baker Becky Jensen.

Karene said...


Alyssa said...


And I just played Rock Band for the first time this Christmas.... it was fun! I was the bassist.... and a true rockstar!

Annie O. said...

That looks amazing Becky! And congrats to Geoff for his amazing 1st time cake!

Anonymous said...

I love the continuing commentary and pictures. We DID have a great time, as did you at the Jensens!