Thursday, January 15, 2009


While we were in Utah we all went bowling with the Lamb's.  That's one of our favorite things to do as a family, but I had no idea how creative some of my siblings had become with bowling.  I don't think Scott threw a ball that didn't go in the gutter at some point down the lane, but often it would pop back out and still hit some pins, sometimes all of them, because of the speed with which he threw it.  Very amusing I assure you.
Joseph and I always have a bet on bowling games, and for the first time ever we were both able to get what we bet because we tied with a 120 each!

The kids liked putting the ball up on this nifty contraption and watching it fly down to the lane.

Joseph was pretty proud of this action shot, even if I do look a little silly.  I don't think bowling on the Wii has done anything to help my game, unfortunately!

We also went to an indoor pool there which both girls absolutely loved (well, it was a teeny bit cold for Avery, but we tried to find the hot spots to sit on for her sake.  I was successful until Peter decided to exercise his brotherly prerogative and push/pull me off of them every time I found one.  Still such a bully!  Some boys never quite grow up! :D)


Tonya said...

looks like so fun and that pool looks so relaxing...your girls are growing more and more beautiful all the time...



Carrie said...

What a fun trip you had! I'm impressed by your 120--usually I'm in the 80's. :-) Sophie is so darn cute! She looks like a really happy little girl!

Annie said...

ok, that bowling contraption looks awesome! and you look as beautiful as ever my dear. kudos!

The Hyer Family said...

Great bowling I see why you and Joseph went bowling that one time...runs in the family!