Monday, January 05, 2009

'Twas 3 Days Before Christmas...

...and we still hadn't seen Santa once to tell him what we wanted for Christmas!  So when we heard a rumor that he was going to be at the local bookstore we decided to go see him.
This was Avery's first time ever on the big guy's lap and as you can see, she was captivated by his beard and grabbed on with a death grip.  Getting her to let go was a real job and she took some white hairs with her.  Good thing they weren't real!

Sophie wasn't too sure once again about this jolly ol' man but endured sitting on his lap long enough to get her candy cane.  It was cute because he then went and read Christmas stories to all the kids and we had a great time.

We opened our presents early so we wouldn't have to take any of them to Utah with us.  Sophie's favorite was by far the tea set.  She hasn't stopped playing with it since getting home.
The girls wore their Christmas dresses to church the Sunday before Christmas and I thought they looked so sweet in them.


Annie said...

i love the pictures with santa! too funny. and don't you just love those presents that they never tire of? :)

Tonya said...

look at their CUTE little is soooo fun having two little girls to dress up huh?

hope all is well!



The Hyer Family said...

We have 3 exact sets of that tea set...not quite sure why, but it's definitely a favorite around here!