Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothin' Like the Beach in January

We took a trip to San Diego last weekend where my parents were staying at a condo overlooking the beach in Mission Bay.  
The view out the windows was incredible, and all night long you could hear the waves on the shore.  Sophie thought she'd died and gone to heaven!
The first night there we took a walk along the beach with Gramma and Grampa just as the sun was setting.
It was a little cool, but fortunately Sophie's a little furnace that never seems to get cold, so she was just fine with only her sweater on.
Grampa convinced her to walk with him to the water.  She wasn't afraid at all to get her feet wet, even though it was pretty cold water.

Letting the waves run over their toes.
Avery, on the other hand, has no fat on her body to keep it warm, so she stayed nice and cozy in Gramma's arms, wrapped in a towel from the condo.  Love those baby blues!

Sophie couldn't get enough of the beach and would've stayed out all night if we'd let her.  She is seriously addicted to playing in the sand, whether she's got a shovel and pail or just a little seashell to dig with.  She loves it all!

The next time we visited the beach was during the day, but the water wasn't any warmer.  Sophie had fun running from the waves.
She spent most of the time sporting these amazingly attractive goggles from her cousin.  Look out, Boys! (in 16 years)
Grampa with his two two-year olds.  I think Gramma and Grampa were in heaven, too!
I loved catching my Mom making this in the sand, and she and my Dad indulged me in a little lip locking for the camera.
Gabe and Avery didn't hang out in here too long.  Avery doesn't ever want to be laying in one place for long anymore.  She just loves to be held and to be standing whenever she can!


Jeanne Lawyer said...

Becky you are getting really good with the camera. Your pictures are AMAZING!

Your kids are going to be quite the little knock outs. They are so dang cute.

Annie said...

ok, i am drooling over your photos of sand and surf. you guys may have to be beach bums the rest of your life; and avery is getting to be so cute, and sophie, how do you describe her? she's a darling little fireball for sure. lucky you!

The Hyer Family said...

Love that first photo...sounds like you had so much fun!

Carrie said...

Umm...have I mentioned that I hate you? :-)

m said...

AMAZINGLY attractive is so true! :^) I loved EVERY picture, but my favorite has got to be the close-up of Avery Jane. You are GOOD!!

Holly or James said...

Looks like fun!

Jenny W said...

I just had to agree with you-those baby blues are PRECIOUS!! Such cute kids....they are keepers for sure :)