Thursday, January 08, 2009

This is how we Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve and morning at my parent's house this year.  We have some similar traditions in our family as Joseph's family which is nice, but there's also a few things we do differently.

(Who needs Santa, I've got grandparents!)  Ain't it the truth.

We started off the night eating what's become the traditional Christmas Eve dinner, an Italian Sausage Soup, cooked by my Dad!

Then we acted out the Nativity.  Sophie was hesitant to be Mary until she found out that a baby doll was in the equation (we weren't about to trust her with one of the two real babies there!)  Austin made a cute Joseph and swung his bow around like a master ninja the entire night.  Scott made an excellent donkey.

What a cute but interesting holy family.  (See what I mean about Mary and the baby?) 

Gabe made a very cute Angel Gabriel, and Joseph took Avery to be one of the 3 Wise Men with him and Jonny.

We ended with some cute pics of the kiddos in their red Christmas attire.

After singing lots of Christmas songs and telling several stories we were off to bed so Santa could come do his job.  It was a fun evening for all.


Harrison's said...

What fun traditions! I'm so glad you got to be with family for the holidays. I'll have to talk to Jared about that dad cooking the Christmas Eve dinner thing =)

Alyssa said...

Ahhh-- cute! Sounds like fun and the girls look cute in their dresses :-) Happy New Year to you!

Annie O. said...

Yea, that onsie pretty much sums it up. I think when our moms talk all they talk about is the grand kids. But who can blame them, right? I love those little Christmas dresses. Your daughters are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You captured your Christmases perfectly. Thanks for having such a great eye and hand with the camera. I love reliving the moments! Mom